Something New: Building an understanding of humes


I decided to cut out words that related to my experience in humes relating to the discussions and units. I wanted to use the words from news papers to see how many of the topics that we learn about in humes are present in todays society. As i started this project I began by cutting out words in Libertas. I decided to use these articles because I often felt as though I didn’t have time to read them so I wanted to make use of the paper that is often times wasted. My idea was to read the articles and find works that related to my idea of the humanities and related to the topics we have been discussing in class. As I began cutting out the articles I began realizing how relevant the topics were that were discussed in the articles as well has how most of them correlated directly to what we had been learning in class. For example I came across and article by Ross Hickman called Where Have All the Folk Songs Gone? This article caught my interest because it mentioned the discertainty of America in 1968, with reference to the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in this same year. However, despite this time of uncertainty people continued to sing and share their voices in particular the “generation of young Americans.” The article then discussed America now which is “just as fractured” in terms of the issues that America still faces today. There was then a shift of focus to the work of Childish Gambino and the presence of “social commentary” in his lyrics. After reading this article I realized how truly relevant the things that we learn in the humanities course remain today.

I decided to take the words that I thought represented the humanities and I decided to make a symmetrical pattern. I decided on this pattern because it was something familiar to me and I often created mandalas throughout high school because I found it calming. I paired this familiar pattern with the homes words because the things we learned in humanities I had previously been unaware of. Now each of the words I chose have different and new meanings which are familiar to me. This project represents the many things I have learned in humes which continue to grow everyday.

I chose to do this project on translucent paper because when it is held up to the light it just appears to be a pattern. For me this represents how other people may see humes as just a class. When you look closer and notice the words it because clear that this design is so much more than just a pattern, which represents the different meanings of humes to me. When talking to fellow classmates about their favorite thing about humes an overwhelming majority mentioned how much they loved the people. Humes is more than a class, it is a community where all of us feel comfortable around each other. The translucent paper represents all the close friendships I have formed and also what I have learned.

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